ryukA customization of the colemak keyboard layout6 months
oni-bucketUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the...8 months
blogA new test5 years
gittoKeep track of your git repositories5 years
pkgbuildsPKGBUILDS for the Arch User Repository5 years
orgwebOrg files of my website6 years
stiStupid Tool Installer6 years
cdispassConkeror interface for DisPass6 years
commit-checkSimple git commit style checker7 years
update-mirrorsAutomatically fetch latest mirrors7 years
toppleSettings file maintenance7 years
libdispassA, soon to be, C DisPass library7 years
utilitiesRandom utilities7 years
ikiwiki-org-formatUse org-mode markup with IkiWiki.7 years
eye-on-mangaManga collection software for Maemo 57 years
urxvt-modelineA modeline for URxvt7 years
scrumliScrum with Lisp7 years
clogSupposedly simplistic blogging in Common Lisp7 years
ryuslash.orgFrontpage of my website7 years
xmpp-sendSend quick messages to someone through XMPP.7 years
silMy silly jabberbot8 years
dailiesDaily reminders to do something, for Android8 years
baps1Benjamin A's PS18 years
siteSources for http://ryuslash.org8 years
undoneUnassuming todo application8 years
dvdroidDVD collection program for Android8 years
pentadactyl-naquadah-themeNaquadah colors for pentadactyl8 years
sawfish-naquadah-themeNaquadah theme for the sawfish window manager8 years
clarkStore bookmarks, in common lisp.7 years
clark-conkerorConkeror interface for CLark.7 years
dot-gtkA configuration project6 months
avanduEmacs interface for tt-rss4 years
mode-iconsShow icons instead of mode names5 years
kaarvokGenerate directory structures from templates in emacs6 years
yoshi-themeA theme named after my cat6 years
flycheck-commit-checkFlycheck checker using commit-check7 years
transient-navigationNavigate with a transient mode7 years
dispass.elEmacs interface for DisPass7 years
eshell-fringe-statusShow last status in fringe7 years
edocsExtract documentation from Elisp files7 years
upcase-modeUpcase all input7 years
desktop-registryKeep a central registry of desktop files7 years
persistent-outlineSave outline states between sessions7 years
git-auto-commit-modeAutomatically commit changes7 years
desktop-agendasDifferent agendas per desktop.7 years
scrumeloScrum in org-mode with Emacs and Elnode7 years
elissIssue tracking with elnode and org-mode7 years
misty-themeA theme named after my cat8 years
ogiGithub issues in org-mode8 years
tron-themeEmacs color theme inspired by Tron: Legacy8 years