fldelA better folding mode for Emacs8 years
dot-gtkA configuration project2 months
ryukA customization of the colemak keyboard layout8 weeks
urxvt-modelineA modeline for URxvt7 years
blogA new test4 years
misty-themeA theme named after my cat7 years
yoshi-themeA theme named after my cat6 years
libdispassA, soon to be, C DisPass library7 years
git-auto-commit-modeAutomatically commit changes7 years
update-mirrorsAutomatically fetch latest mirrors6 years
baps1Benjamin A's PS17 years
hypo-cliCommunicate with Hypo from the command-line6 years
clark-conkerorConkeror interface for CLark.7 years
cdispassConkeror interface for DisPass6 years
dvdroidDVD collection program for Android8 years
dailiesDaily reminders to do something, for Android7 years
desktop-agendasDifferent agendas per desktop.7 years
sw-themeEmacs color theme inspired by Star Wars8 years
tron-themeEmacs color theme inspired by Tron: Legacy8 years
dispass.elEmacs interface for DisPass6 years
sewygEmacs interface for scuttle8 years
avanduEmacs interface for tt-rss4 years
exoniExherbo packages7 years
edocsExtract documentation from Elisp files6 years
flycheck-commit-checkFlycheck checker using commit-check6 years
tekutiFork/mirror of Andy Wingo's tekuti7 years
ryuslash.orgFrontpage of my website7 years
kaarvokGenerate directory structures from templates in emacs6 years
ogiGithub issues in org-mode8 years
hypo-emacsInteract with Hypo from Emacs.7 years
elissIssue tracking with elnode and org-mode7 years
desktop-registryKeep a central registry of desktop files6 years
markamKeep bookmarks, in scheme!7 years
gittoKeep track of your git repositories5 years
eye-on-mangaManga collection software for Maemo 57 years
dotfilesMy configuration files4 years
cgitMy fork of a hyperfast web frontend for git repositories wri...7 years
silMy silly jabberbot7 years
pentadactyl-naquadah-themeNaquadah colors for pentadactyl8 years
sawfish-naquadah-themeNaquadah theme for the sawfish window manager8 years
transient-navigationNavigate with a transient mode6 years
orgwebOrg files of my website6 years
pkgbuildsPKGBUILDS for the Arch User Repository5 years
hypoQuickly share stuff.6 years
utilitiesRandom utilities7 years
persistent-outlineSave outline states between sessions7 years
scrumeloScrum in org-mode with Emacs and Elnode7 years
scrumliScrum with Lisp7 years
xmpp-sendSend quick messages to someone through XMPP.7 years
toppleSettings file maintenance7 years