Github issues in org-mode
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Tom 1d302fadc0 Add project and deadline properties
* ogi.el (ogi--project): New "internal" variable.
  (ogi-insert-entry): Add `GH_PROJECT' property to identify which
  github property an entry came from.  Only add a `MILESTONE' property
  when it has a name (as in, when it exists).  Add a `DEADLINE' to the
  entry if the milestone has a due date.
  (ogi-get-for): Rename from `ogi-insert', which is kind of
  non-descript.  Bind `ogi--project' to whichever project we're
  fetching so other functions can use it.
11 years ago
.gitignore Initial commit 11 years ago
ogi.el Add project and deadline properties 11 years ago