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4grab - a utility that download pictures from a certain website.

4grab has been written to help me download wallpapers from a certain website, though it should easily be possible to use it for a general purpose image-downloader for that website.

4grab downloads pages 0-10 from the given category and parses these pages looking for links to threads. Afterwards it downloads these thread pages and starts looking in those for image links, skipping one each time because images there are linked to twice.
Finally it goes through all the collected image links and checks to see whether it already exists on the disk and if not, downloads it.

4grab is written in Python and therefore needs the python interpreter (http://www.python.org) to be installed on your system. It is being tested on a Fedora 12 machine with Python 2.6.2 installed, and a Windows XP machine with Python 2.6.4 installed.

v0.2.1 has been reported to work under Windows 7 as well.