Show icons instead of mode names in emacs.


Some of the modes that have icons instead of names now:

Modes icon
Coffee coffee.png
CSS css.png
Emacs-Lisp emacs.png
Haml haml.png
HTML html.png
JS js.png
Lisp cl.png
Org-mode org.png
PHP php.png
Python python.png
Ruby ruby.png
SVG svg.png
Sass sass.png
Scheme scheme.png
Shell bash.png
Slim slim.png
YAML yaml.png

1 Requirements

As of version 0.3.0 you can also use icons from some icon fonts, specifically:

You need to have installed these on your system in order to use these fonts, mode-icons will not do this for you.

2 Installation

2.1 manually

Place mode-icons.el somewhere in your load-path and copy the icons/ directory there as well. Then require mode-icons in your Emacs init file.

3 Usage

Once installed you can add (mode-icons-mode) to your init file.