Show icons instead of mode names in emacs.


Some of the modes that have icons instead of names now:

Modes icon
Coffee coffee.png
CSS css.png
Emacs-Lisp emacs.png
Haml haml.png
HTML html.png
JS js.png
Lisp cl.png
Org-mode org.png
PHP php.png
Python python.png
Ruby ruby.png
SVG svg.png
Sass sass.png
Scheme scheme.png
Shell bash.png
Slim slim.png
YAML yaml.png

1. Requirements

As of version 0.3.0 you can also use icons from some icon fonts, specifically:

You need to have installed these on your system in order to use these fonts, mode-icons will not do this for you.

2. Installation

2.1. manually

Place mode-icons.el somewhere in your load-path and copy the icons/ directory there as well. Then require mode-icons in your Emacs init file.

3. Usage

Once installed you can add (mode-icons-mode) to your init file.