1 commit-check v0.1.0

This is the commit-check project. It is a quick and easy commit style checker that can be used either as a git hook to enforce the style checked by commit-check, or as a syntax checker back-end (like Flycheck).

The entire code for the project is currently contained in the commit-check file. The files test-pass.txt, test-fail-barely.txt and test-fail-miserably.txt are used for testing purposes. They contain and explain certain situations that can occur when writing commits that may or may not cause errors to be reported.

1.1 Installation

commit-check can either be used manually (or as a back-end to some other tool), or as a git commit-msg hook to stop you from committing badly styled commit messages.

1.1.1 For manual use

To get this project up and running make sure you have perl installed and that commit-check is somewhere in your PATH.

1.1.2 As git hook

Place the commit-check executable file in the .git/hooks directory of your project, with the name commit-msg. It doesn't need to be the actual executable, it can also be a (soft) link to the executable, or a script running this program (passing along all arguments).

1.2 Usage

When used as a git commit-msg hook it should just be a question of getting it in the right place and it'll work. If, however, you have another use for it and need to run it manually, there are some command-line options that you can use:

Show a short help message to help you along.
Always exit with a 0 exit status.

Some tools, such as the before-mentioned Flycheck, don't like it when the back-end tool exits with a non-zero exit status and think that means that the tool failed to run. To keep such tools happy the -0 can be used.

commit check expects the file to check as the last argument on the command line (or actually, the first non-option argument).

1.3 License

This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, its terms and conditions can be found in the file COPYING in the project source tree.