tag name0.3.0 (9afb558b5111d081b7ac07336d4c61d26209289f)
tag date2016-02-21 15:03:38 +0100
tagged byTom Willemse
tagged objectcommit d2c9926a8e...
- Added - Support for using Octicons, Font Awesome and Font Mfizz as icons. - The following icons were added: - Rainbow mode icon. - Scala mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Auto revert mode icon. - Markdown mode icon. - Magit mode icon (from Font Awesome). - magit-gh-pulls minor mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Zip-Archive mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Calc and Calculator icons (from Font Awesome). - A General debug mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Calendar icon (from Font Awesome). - C mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Help mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Woman mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Custom mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Golden ratio mode icon. - BibTeX mode icon. - C++ mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - C# mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Elixir mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Erlang mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Haskell mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Clojure mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Java mode icon (from Font Mfizz). - Perl and CPerl mode icons (from Font Mfizz). - Octave mode icon. - Autohotkey mode icon. - SAS and BUGS icons for R mode. - Info mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Icon for narrowed buffers (from Font Awesome). - Icon for read-only buffers (from Font Awesome). - Icon for writable buffers (from Font Awesome). - Icon for unsaved buffers (from Font Awesome). - Icon for buffers with Mac OS line-endings (from Font Awesome). - Icon for buffers with Windows line-endings (from Font Awesome). - Icon for buffers with Unix line-endings (from Font Mfizz). - Text mode icon (from Font Awesome). - Icon for buffers with undecided encoding (from Font Awesome). - Support for using Jpeg files as icons. - The following minor mode lighters have been hidden: - Flyspell minor mode lighter. - Org-Indent minor mode lighter. - Isearch minor mode lighter. - Support for keeping the mode name visible next to the icon. - The following customization options were added: - Major mode base text properties. - Narrow text properties. - Read only text properties. - Modified text properties. - EOL text. - EOL space. - Modified status space. - Read-only space. - Show mode name. - Changed - The default value of the mode icons customization option was changed to include the new icons. - The possible values for mode icons were changed to include the newly supported options. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iF4EABEIAAYFAlbJxCEACgkQfVxAe0NQJcGfswD/Ux+higlU7QdtKpOue01J9l9F s+944uD5It0G1m+z+gIA+wSjWFmE7b1P64iZCiamHh5DlHcvEegtNnAmr3HULp2t =/Xz9 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----