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+title: Auto-suggestions for DuckDuckGo in Conkeror
+tags: conkeror, config
+date: 2014-06-03 22:08
+format: md
+Recently [DuckDuckGo]( gave its UI a big
+overhaul. One of the new parts of the UI is the auto-suggestions,
+which are pretty cool, especially when working with `!bang` syntax. I
+want that in my conkeror webjump! So I started looking...
+Turns out that [Conkeror]( can work with
+[OpenSearch]( descriptions to
+create webjumps and actually already has a DuckDuckGo OpenSearch XML
+file. However, DuckDuckGo has a newer version of that file.
+So, for starters you should download the proper XML
+[file]( After this, you can
+replace the `/usr/share/conkeror/search-engines/duckduckgo.xml`
+file[<sup>1</sup>](#fn1) with the newly downloaded one and you'd be
+done, ready to use the new auto-suggest
+If, however, you don't like overwriting your package's files because
+they may get overwritten again in the future[<sup>3</sup>](#fn3) or
+you really don't think it's proper, you can also create a custom
+webjump that does the same thing, which is what I did.
+In case you are following my lead, first we'd need to put the
+downloaded XML file somewhere. I suggest
+`~/.conkerorrc/search-engines` because that way everything in your
+configuration stays nice and contained, although you might want to put
+it in your
+`~/`, where
+`CODE` is an eight-character alphanumeric sequence (as far as I can
+tell) and `PROFILE` is the name of the profile you
+use[<sup>4</sup>](#fn4), because that should already be included in
+your `opensearch_load_paths`.
+If you put the XML in your `.conkerorrc` you'll need to add that
+directory to your `opensearch_load_paths`, so put something like the
+following in your `init.js`, or whichever filename you use for your
+conkeror init:
+ opensearch_load_paths.push(make_file("~/.conkerorrc/search-engines"));
+After Conkeror knows where to find your custom search engine
+specifications you can create a webjump for it:
+ define_opensearch_webjump("ddg", "ddg.xml");
+Once you evaluate these lines or restart your Conkeror, you should
+have a `ddg` webjump with auto-suggestion. Yay!
+## Footnotes
+<a name="fn1"></a> I have Conkeror installed in `/usr`, so if you have
+it installed somewhere else your path will be different.
+<a name="fn2"></a> You might have to restart Conkeror first, I didn't
+test it without restarting.
+<a name="fn3"></a> This can of course happen when, for example, your
+package manager updates your Conkeror installation.
+<a name="fn4"></a> The default profile is named (appropriately)