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#+TITLE: Using DisPass to manage your passwords
#+DATE: 2016-02-14
#+COLESLAW_TAGS: dispass
+#+OPTIONS: num:nil
*tl;dr*: If you don’t care about any of the back story and just want
to know how to use DisPass to manage passwords, skip to [[Managing
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<b>tl;dr</b>: If you don’t care about any of the back story and just want
-to know how to use DisPass to manage passwords, skip to <a href="#orgheadline1">5</a> for instant gratification.
+to know how to use DisPass to manage passwords, skip to <a href="#orgheadline1">Managing passwords</a> for instant gratification.
<div id="outline-container-orgheadline2" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline2"><span class="section-number-2">1</span> Introduction</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-1">
+<h2 id="orgheadline2">Introduction</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline2">
DisPass is a project that was started, and is still maintained, by a
<a href="">friend</a> and former colleague of mine. I've been using it for quite
@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ value, but can also be specified through command-line switches.
<div id="outline-container-orgheadline3" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline3"><span class="section-number-2">2</span> The Labelfile</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-2">
+<h2 id="orgheadline3">The Labelfile</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline3">
Being a functional anything usually means that whatever you're using
doesn't maintain any state. This can be true for DisPass, but isn't
@@ -70,8 +70,8 @@ knows the password(s) you use to generate the passphrases.
<div id="outline-container-orgheadline4" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline4"><span class="section-number-2">3</span> Setting up</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-3">
+<h2 id="orgheadline4">Setting up</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline4">
DisPass is easy to install if you have either Archlinux or pip
installed. Windows is a bit more problematic and I don’t even know
@@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ sudo pip install dispass
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline10" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline10"><span class="section-number-2">4</span> UIs</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-4">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline5" class="outline-2">
+<h2 id="orgheadline5">UIs</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline5">
Seeing as how my friend would like it to be generally useful, and
he’s a VIM user, there is both a GUI and CLI interface. Since I’m an
@@ -121,20 +121,20 @@ well.
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline5" class="outline-3">
-<h3 id="orgheadline5"><span class="section-number-3">4.1</span> CLI</h3>
-<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-4-1">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline6" class="outline-3">
+<h3 id="orgheadline6">CLI</h3>
+<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-orgheadline6">
The CLI is what gets the most attention and gets developed the
-most. I will be working with this in the <a href="#orgheadline1">5</a>
+most. I will be working with this in the <a href="#orgheadline1">Managing passwords</a>
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline6" class="outline-3">
-<h3 id="orgheadline6"><span class="section-number-3">4.2</span> GUI</h3>
-<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-4-2">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline7" class="outline-3">
+<h3 id="orgheadline7">GUI</h3>
+<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-orgheadline7">
There is a basic GUI included with dispass, it can be started with
either the <code>gdispass</code> or the <code>dispass gui</code> commands. It requires
@@ -147,9 +147,9 @@ on Windows.
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline7" class="outline-3">
-<h3 id="orgheadline7"><span class="section-number-3">4.3</span> Emacs</h3>
-<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-4-3">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline8" class="outline-3">
+<h3 id="orgheadline8">Emacs</h3>
+<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-orgheadline8">
I wrote an Emacs interface when I started using DisPass. It tries
to copy the generated passwords directly to the clipboard, instead
@@ -164,9 +164,9 @@ It's available on <a href="">github</a>.
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline8" class="outline-3">
-<h3 id="orgheadline8"><span class="section-number-3">4.4</span> Conkeror</h3>
-<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-4-4">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline9" class="outline-3">
+<h3 id="orgheadline9">Conkeror</h3>
+<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-orgheadline9">
I also wrote a Conkeror interface some time later, because I didn't
want to keep copying and pasting the passphrases through one of the
@@ -180,9 +180,9 @@ It's also available on <a href="">github</a>
-<div id="outline-container-orgheadline9" class="outline-3">
-<h3 id="orgheadline9"><span class="section-number-3">4.5</span> Wishlist</h3>
-<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-4-5">
+<div id="outline-container-orgheadline10" class="outline-3">
+<h3 id="orgheadline10">Wishlist</h3>
+<div class="outline-text-3" id="text-orgheadline10">
As I mentioned, the idea is to expand the GUI and use a different
gui library for it, to make it look a little better. The
@@ -202,8 +202,8 @@ which is an obstacle, but I haven't looked at this either.
<div id="outline-container-orgheadline1" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline1"><span class="section-number-2">5</span> Managing passwords</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-5">
+<h2 id="orgheadline1">Managing passwords</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline1">
Now for the real fun. Generating passphrases is simple. Use the
<code>generate</code> command:
@@ -368,8 +368,8 @@ dispass remove foobar
<div id="outline-container-orgheadline11" class="outline-2">
-<h2 id="orgheadline11"><span class="section-number-2">6</span> Cons</h2>
-<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-6">
+<h2 id="orgheadline11">Cons</h2>
+<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-orgheadline11">
Yes, this is an excellent project and I'm not just saying that
because a friend of mine wrote it. There are some things that it