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+title: Stop shr from using background color
+tags: emacs, elisp, config
+date: 2014-04-03 22:11
+format: md
+Here's just one more example why Emacs is so awesome
+Reading mail in Gnus is very nice, but shr has become a little too
+good at its job. Add to this the many occasions when a background is
+specified without specifying a foreground, plus a color theme that
+is the inverse of what is usually expected, and you can get
+hard-to-read HTML messages, gray foreground and gray background.
+I've looked at the other possible renderers, but they don't look
+very nice compared to shr. So just remove its ability to add
+background colors.
+(defun oni:shr-colorize-remove-last-arg (args)
+ "If ARGS has more than 3 items, remove the last one."
+ (if (> (length args) 3)
+ (butlast args)
+ args))
+(with-eval-after-load 'shr
+ (advice-add #'shr-colorize-region :filter-args
+ #'oni:shr-colorize-remove-last-arg))