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+title: rlwrapping sbcl
+tags: sbcl, lisp, utility
+date: 2013-10-06 13:02
+format: md
+[SBCL]( is an excellent lisp implementation. The only
+thing that's not so nice about it is overly simple command-line
+interface. The absence of `<UP>`, `C-a`, `M-b`, etc. can be annoying,
+even though I only occasionally use SBCL directly.
+I have 3 solutions to this problem now:
+- Use [SLIME](, which is what I
+ do most of the time, but sometimes this isn't practical.
+- Use [Linedit]( I tried
+ this, and it was cool. But somehow I broke it and now I can't get it
+ to work.
+- Use [rlwrap](
+ This requires you to either always invoke SBCL as `rlwrap sbcl` or
+ create an alias for it. This works very well too, is very simple and
+ doesn't noticeably increase start-up time.